We specialize in auto hail restoration including everything that comes with it like taking vehicles apart, replacing parts and painting vehicles.

Our technicians are sought after all over the nation for their expertise by big dealerships, automotive factories, and big body shops because of their skills and experience.  We are local and would much rather stay home but when there's no work here - we all go out and chase hail till it hails again in our local markets.  Hail is our specialty and we are masters at our craft.  It would be very difficult to find a better team of guys to fix your hail than the elite team we've all became by sticking together.

We can fix big dents, small dents, large creases, and minor collisions many times without the need for replacing expensive parts or painting at all.  If your paint is still in tact then chances are there is a paintless dent repair technician that can fix it.  The trick is finding someone not only willing but able to do that type of repair and if it's financially feasible.   Paintless dent repair is not always the cheaper option for a repair because o the time it could possibly take.

Every vehicle that leaves our shop leaves cleaner than when it came in because we are very passionate about our work and want to do the best possible repair on every vehicle and we are always looking for a bit of wow factor from  our customers.
We also provide ala-cart detailing services to help keep our detail guys busy with work.  These guys are very passionate about cleaning vehicles and are always looking to improve their craft just like our PDR techs.

Because we have taken apart tens of thousands of vehicle in our lifetime, we are some of the best R&I guys in the market.  We do things right, never cut corners and are very serious when we replace parts.  We don't do it lightly but when we do replace parts and they need paint - we make sure its the best possible paint job and parts replacement job that money can buy.