After The Storm You Should Find A Specialist That Deals With Only Hail Storm Damage If You Want The Best Hail Restoration On Your Vehicle. 

Hail restoration is not created equal because just like artists quality PDR varies vastly.  You can have a beginner disguised as a pro at your local body shop and you or they would sometimes not know the difference until it's too late.

We specialize in only hail and our guys are some of the best in the world.  Highly sought after by factories, body shops, and dealerships for our expertise, speed, and quality repairs and representation to insurance companies.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to spot a good company handling repairs:


No Body Shop Has a Good PDR Guy on Payroll.

Find out who they use for their repairs and if possible go and talk to them and find out what kind of experience they have.  Hail repair can be very lucrative so you have many beginners or technicians that have been doing it for 20 plus years that aren't very good and they still continue to get work but it's why PDR has a bad name.  If your body shop is big on quality they will be using a company like Eco Auto Body to sublet their work to.


Are The Techs Repairing Your Vehicle Just Door Ding Guys?

Door ding guys can be really good at fixing one dent at a time, but put 500+ dents in front of them and they will not know what they are doing.  Auto Hail Repair is not only an art but also requires specialized experience and expertise to know how to take apart vehicle and get access to the backs of those affected panels.


Vacuum your speakers

Clear out the dust to get the sharpest sound on every cheer, tackle, and whistle. A gentle clean with your vacuum cleaner should do the trick.


Does The Hail Gusy Have Experience With Taking Appart Newer Vehicles?

A lot of times local PDR technicians transfer over and get body shops to sublet their hail damage because body shops hate hail.  When this happens a lot of time the body shop just lets the PDR tech do all the work which means someone might be taking apart your vehicle that doesn't know what they are doing.  So be sure to ask what type of experience they have doing what is called R&I work.  If they have never dealt with volume like at a dealership or factory...Run!  The tech will more than likely mess something up and not tell anyone about it and you wont find out for weeks or years and then you are screwed on getting them to repair the problem they caused.


Can The Paintless Dent Repair Technician Handle The Severity Of Your Hail Damage?

Many times because a hail guy isn't good enough he will just skip certain panels that other better PDR techs could do for sake of profit and then the body shop will be stuck having to remove and replace parts and paint them even though a good enough hail technician would not have struggled at all with that one dent that was "undoable" by the less experience tech.  So be sure to find out what they plan on doing with all your panels and all your dents or just take it to a reputable shop that will never skip out on work because they lack the skills or they are trying to meet some sort of quota for the day.

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